How I’m Dealing With Lack of Travel

Frustration.  It’s the one word on my mind.

At the end of October I went to the hospital because of severe hip pain after a run eight days prior.  What transpired was surgery a week later to fix the two stress fractures.  I risked breaking my left femoral neck in half without it.  Now, I’m five and a half weeks into recovery, and I’ve never felt so frustrated.

As you know, I adore traveling around the globe with my mother (and sometimes solo).  It’s a lens to see the world.  It’s an opportunity to discover new cuisine, customs, and culture.  Now, that lens is dark.  I’m on very strong pain medication, which means I can’t drive within a few hours of taking it.  The farthest I’ve gone on my own is to the office, which is only two miles away.  I’m living in a box with crutches (note: I’ve named my crutches the crutchellas — Cruella Deville & crutches because they are cruel).  The isolation is getting to me.  Plus, I have to use one of those ridiculous shower chairs.  On the bright side, I’ll be ready way ahead of the curve at age 80. Nursing homes will be recruiting me.

But one must cope and stay sane.  This situation reminds me of unemployment, so I’ve filled my time with many of the same activities: journaling, reading, and research.  Yes, and Netflix, but we always binge, right?  I journal my thoughts, read both fiction and nonfiction, and research places I want to go when I’m not crippled.  The New York Times recently published a piece about where to travel in your 20s.  Amsterdam, New Orleans, Berlin, Barcelona, the California coast, Morocco, and the Croatian coast are on my list.  Has anyone been to these destinations? I’d love to hear your feedback.
I hope to have travel updates for you in the new year!

One comment

  1. Hi Kayleigh, I’m so sorry about your injury, but yay that you are over 5 weeks into recovery. You will recover completely and travel to many more foreign lands.
    Julie Ellis


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