5 Travel Essentials

This isn’t our first rodeo (travel, that is).  We’ve got the travel essentials down to a science.  Here are a few things you don’t want to forget for your next major trip.

  1. Passport case.  In Feburary 2009 I went to Ireland for dance and getting there was one of the worst travel experiences of my life.  A passport case would have been nice to keep my carry on bag organized (there was no time to dig through my bag during an airport sprint to catch the flight).  Make sure to bring one on your next international trip.  I currently have a manly-looking Brooks Brothers one, but now I’ve got my eye on this beautiful Tory Burch.  Be sure to get one with a closure and one that can hold an ID, boarding pass, and a little extra cash.
  2. Crossbody bag.  Guys, this one MIGHT not apply to you, unless you want to channel your inner Alan and rock a man purse.  I adore these bags because you can throw that passport case in and you can protect it like a baby.  It’s wonderful if you’re wandering through a large city with pickpockets.  Fossil makes some beautiful, yet cost-effective bags.
  3. Water bottle.  I absolutely loathe buying bottled water.  The damn things pile up in my condo and car.  Traveling is no exception.  In Mexico, we had 10 half filled water bottles at a given time.  Plus, no one wants to pay $5 for a miniature bottle of water at the airport.  I’m stilling hanging on to the plastic water bottle I bought in Cancun because it was 75 pesos ($4).  I invested in a CamelBak and bring it everywhere.  Throw it in your carry on without water and fill it up after you’ve cleared security.  Hydration is the best way to avoid tiredness and jet lag.
  4. Wristwatch.  I’m not talking about your phone.  Seriously, invest in a watch.  I wear a nice one every day (sadly not a Tag Heuer).  It’s super helpful when you’re on a plane and in a new timezone.  You don’t have to worry about switching on your phone.  I would recommend removing it if you’ll be in the sun — they make for some very strange tan lines.
  5. Walking shoes.  When I was packing for Mexico, I wanted to pack 7 pairs of shoes because shoes make me happy.  I did, however, bring an excellent pair of Birkenstocks for walking.  These were great for Mexico, but more intense trips require sturdy shoes.  An old pair of tennis shoes or running shoes are great.  I learned this the hard way on that trip to Ireland.  Don’t bring cloth clogs when the forecast is rain, sleet, snow, and wind.  The smell never came out of those shoes and I left them in Ireland.  On my next trip to London I wore the most amazing Skechers walking shoes (see featured photo).

Of course there are so many other important things to pack on a major trip.  These 5 things are the first things I gather, among my entire closet (side note: not recommended).

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