International Travel: Where Have We Been?

We are used to the constant “you look so similar!” comments.  I am not complaining — we have admirable genes in our family.  But we are also asked where we’ve been together, which is then followed by: “where’s your husband?” and “where are the boys?”  Answer: they can’t keep up with our fast-paced quests.  Plus, let’s be honest, most males do not enjoy quaint European villages and dining in proximity.  To answer the former question, here are the countries we’ve been to:

Together: Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

It’s a challenge to pick one favorite or even a favorite trip.  We make the most of each destination, even if that means a Mary Poppins-like wind nearly swooping us away at the Heidelberg Castle (March 31st, 2015).


Stunning, right?  This is the terrace of the castle.  I absolutely love the town.  It’s the epitome of a Europe.  The wind, however, was so bad we had to settle for a selfie of me.  The wind might have actually taken me to England like Mary Poppins.


Despite the hurricane-like gusts, we had a wonderful time enjoying the view and conversing with local students over lunch.  Can you imagine studying in such a picturesque town?

Moving on to a few places Mom has been without me: Sicily and Venezuela.  The former was a part of her post-college summer travels.  It is on my list.  The trip to Venezuela was with her late mother.  Nana didn’t get to travel much, so she savored the trip to South America.  I wish I had pictures to share.  In any case, Mom will write a guest post about traveling with her mother.  Three generations of travel nerds!

There you have it.  We’ve only scratched the surface of international travel, but we have goals.


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