Travels With Dad

I hope it’s obvious that I will be writing about travels with my mother.  However, I am close with my dad.  We just don’t share the wanderlust gene.

Let’s back up a step.  My dad is a bona fide sports fanatic, and, more specifically, a golf enthusiast.  In fact, all of us are sports freaks, but dad is repelled by castles, planes, group tours, and long distance travel (his rant about travel is much more colorful).  His idea of a vacation is a beach and a golf course.  Hence our travels as father and daughter:


This was us at a Packers/Cowboys playoff game in January of 2015.  Yes, our adventures take us all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Not far as we live in Milwaukee.  But it’s still a solid two hour drive!  That’s something!

What’s important is the dichotomy.  On the one hand, I can taste wine in Germany with my mom.  On the other, I can go kayaking down the Milwaukee River with my dad.  The point is that I can share wholesome experiences with both.  However, at the end of the day, you probably want to hear more about celebrating New Year’s Eve on a boat in snowy Austria than another baseball game.  If I wrote about the latter, my website would be  Hmm…now I’m getting all sorts of ideas…perhaps you would like to hear about the Lady Gaga concert (featured image).

There you have it.  You might hear more about my dad in this blog as he is frequently our airport chauffeur.  A rad dad he is!

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